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Yoga for men

More productive throught specific relaxation

Tensions are painful. Yoga is the remedy!

You have a stressful desk job. Sitting in front of a computer for hours cannot be avoided. Back pain and tensions of the neck ensue. You do not need advice on how to live a more conscious life. You do not need anybody telling you that three weeks on the beach would do you good. What you do need to get rid of the pain is specific and effective support.

More strength and flexibility

YOGA FOR MEN is not a therapeutic fad. Dynamic, vigorous yoga offers under professional instruction and guidance offers highly effective exercises for an increased physical well-being and strength of mind.

Sure, you will go on holidays again someday, but right now you need effective solutions for more resilience and endurance. Yoga benefit YOUR health and YOUR well-being.


Yoga instructor

I am a trained yoga instructor. With my holistic view on physical-spiritual processes, I focus my work on the interplay of motion, nutrition, and relaxation. I have personally experienced yoga as an effective support when it comes to physical challenges.

I would be happy to work out individual sequences of yoga exercises for you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!